Welcome to our “Leave-a-Note” page, where you can share your thoughts, prayers, and inspirations with our Christian Radio station community. We believe in the power of connection and encouragement, and this virtual space is designed to foster unity and faith-building. Whether you want to express gratitude for the uplifting messages you’ve heard, request prayers for a personal struggle, or simply spread hope to others, your notes here become a testament to God’s grace and love in action. As we come together in faith, let this page be a reminder that we are never alone on our journey, and that God’s presence and guidance are ever-present in our lives. Your words matter, so share from your heart and let’s continue to uplift and strengthen each other in our walk with Christ.

Your note may also have the chance to be read live on The Saturday Morning Uplift. It’s a wonderful opportunity to have your thoughts and prayers reach even more hearts and bring joy to our entire Christian Radio community. So, don’t hesitate to leave your uplifting notes!

For your privacy, COACB Radio only uses the information gathered for internal use (your message may be used as part of a radio program), but your personal information will never be sold or used for solicitation.